How to be a perfect villain

The story of “Rogue One” is set between “Star Wars 3:Return of the Jedi ” and “Star Wars 4:A New Hope”, which is closer to the latter. This period was the darkest period of the Galactic Empire. After the martyrdom of the Jedi defeated, the dark forces of the Sith became popular. They planned to create a weapon to shock those forces who dared to resist them. This is the Death Star.

Where there is oppression, there is resistance, and this is the unchanging truth. Just as the dark forces were rampant and the Jedi Knights disappeared, a group of people decided to save themselves. They organized a rebel army and planned to steal their blueprints before the death star was built…

Orson Krennic, a working-class person who was promoted step by step, is an ambitious imperial officer who manages the empire’s cutting-edge weapons research and development department. The main person in charge of preventing the rebels from stealing the design of the Death Star is also a cruel foreman.

This big villain cosplay costume is actually a classic Imperial officer uniform, but there are some different places. Let’s take a look.


Here is a white wool coat. As for the coat, you need to prepare it yourself. Any material or color can be used as long as you wear it comfortably. The jacket is very slim, and its overall design reflects the seriousness and meticulousness of the officer.

As in the movie, we have a belt for this dress. The style of the belt is classic, close to the fashion of that era. One side of the belt is also equipped with a weapon belt for weapons.


This pair of black trousers is a bit like harem pants, and the pockets are loose. This shows that the character is a  gentleman.


Whether in Marvel movies or DC movies, the cloak is a must for many characters. Orson Krennic is no exception. He has a pure white cloak, and the cloak fits perfectly on the jacket. The lower part of the cloak has a split seam, which is designed to make it easier to move.


This simple, single-style black boot is actually paired with the officer’s uniform. Search for the picture of it, you will like it. You can also wear these boots in your daily life, how great!


Like the boots, his gloves are also black leather gloves that can be worn in everyday life. It has both decorative and cold-proof effects and is most suitable for Halloween.

This is the Orson Krennic cosplay costume guide, I think this is a dress that can be worn in life, so it is still useful after Halloween. Want to own this outfit? Look at this web,and enjoy!

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