How to cosplay thor?

Thor is the Norse God of thunder and strength, but also the master of storms, wars, fertility. The son of Odin and the giant Jörð, he was the ruler of slave souls and often appeared as the protector of mortals, symbolizing male fertility, and the oak tree was considered his symbol. In Germanic mythology, his counterpart is Donar. Thursday’s English name is Thursday, after thor.In pop culture, Thor is a superhero based upon Marvel Comics.

Thor is a entertaining and fascinating character from Marvel’s large schedule of superheroes. Here’s just how to carry out that iconic Thor cosplay costumes:


Thor’s helmet is extremely cool, which is white, soft and make with PU leather. You need to measure the width of your head to determine how big the helmet you should wear. Towards the end, design your headband (like wings) and at this point you will be like Thor.


You will have a bright red and very handsome cloak, which must suitable for your height. As soon as you have the cloth, procedure from the neck line to the feet.


Thor have a hammer called Mjolnir. Dwarven blacksmiths built it from the Asgardian metal Uru. On the side of the hammer, it has the engraving “Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, will have the power of Thor”. The hammer is the essence of cosplay, so you must have this hammer.


When you have the above things, you must consider your clothing and accessories. To complete the appearance, it’s important to you that have a set of black tights and pants. And then you should have a pair of black and white over-the-knee boots. With armor, the cosplay of Thor is perfect. And you also can have a belt, an inner arm guard, an outer arm guard,and leggings.

The image of thor deeply rooted in the hearts of people, to really play him just to choose a good cosplay costume is not enough, but also to seize his tone and manner, deep into the character image, can make your play more unique.


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