Robin Hood cosplay costumes Reviews

Robin Hood: Origin Robin Hood Cosplay Costume

Robin Hood in the film was an unfair treatment from the beginning. Later, for the sake of himself and the poor, he struggled, opposed autocracy, fought back, and finally won.

This suit perfectly represents the shape of the character in Robin Hood’s fixing. Packaging includes: coats, blouses, pants, shoes, scarves. These things are all necessary for the characters in the film, although some do not conform to the age. There are many materials, like high quality thick spandex leather, washed textured leather, polyester cotton, satin cotton, fur and black satin lining. And has special process cotton tassel dyeing.

The feeling of wearing the whole set of clothes is very comfortable, the texture is soft and skin-friendly, and the details are perfectly treated, and the sewing needles are hidden. And the shoes I wear on the feet are very suitable, not too long or too short. It is especially suitable for dressing up on Halloween or Christmas, and there will be many people who praise it. The whole set of clothes is down, the price is very beautiful, and if you have any problems, you will find the seller in time. Overall, my shopping experience is still very good, I am looking forward to the next purchase.

If someone asks me what to look like on Halloween or Christmas, then I will answer him: Robin Hood. In the movie, he is an abomination, and in the face of the injustice of fate, he rises up and fights. I really like the satisfaction that this character brings to me. So I bought this whole set of clothes, which made me very excited and joyful. Especially after my parcel arrived at the destination, I got the clothes and tried on them with great expectation. The size I chose is just right for my body, and the fabric is very comfortable and soft. I am even more happy that I can wear it to my dressing party. I am also looking forward to the next purchase.

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