Spider-Man: Far From Home: Daily Life of a Magical High School Student

This weekend, of course, belongs to Spider-Man.Since the end of the 1990s, Marvel sold the Spider-Man movie production rights to Sony,we were lucky enough to see the Spider-Man trilogy of Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire.And with the rise of Disney and Marvel Studios’ MCU,Sony restarted The Amazing Spider-Man ,even with the impressive performance of Andrew Garfield, it is still a single force alone…

So a great history moment appeared.Sony, Disney and Marvel Studios announced in 2015 that they would co-produce the Spider-Man in the Marvel movie universe series.In Captain America 3, Peter Parker, starring Tom Holland , made his debut and received a lot of praise.But no honor wears off faster than the freshness of the past.Whether independent film continue to be liked by audience depends on the quality of the film.

The opening is a long, hand-held photographic segment that provides a concise and effective retrospective introduction to the story’s background and timeline,and shows the unspeakable excitement of a 15-year-old boy.Being “recruited” by Iron Man is like a temporary task. After going home, Peter has to go to the competition as usual.Compared with the two predecessors, the 15-year-old boy who is still in high school, is the one with the highest “reduction degree”.And his campus life is not just a simple ornament, but a real part of Peter’s growth experience, indispensable.

The main line of the film is about the growth of a boy. After being given to the spider suit by Tony, Peter thought about doing some great things to get the approval of Iron Man and become a powerful and reliable superhero. After returning to New York, Tony only regarded Peter as a malleable talent to be determined.And Peter is eager to do something big to prove himself.This determination (childishness) was reinforced after he unlocks all the functions of the spider suit.As a result, you know, Spider-Man wants to be a hero, but the damage he causes is much more than the value he creates:He did not catch the weapons dealers, but destroyed many masses of property.Disrupted the FBI’s actions, but also missed the cruise into two halves…Finally, Tony decided to discipline the little boy – confiscating the spider’s suit.For Peter, Tony Stark is similar to “Idol + Senior + Big Brother + Father”, he has to obey.

Like countless stories about boys growing up, the film also depicts Peter Parker’s growth in an easy-to-understand way.Only when lost to know how to cherish, only from scratch to find the original heart.As a result, Peter is wearing his homemade original version of “Pajama Battlesuit” for the final fight of Spider-Man: Far From Home.He also shot only a basic form of spider silk, but this huge contrast from heaven to earth, can show a boy’s dream of being a superhero is sincere and valuable.

At the end of the film, Peter, who has retained the important assets of the Avengers and made outstanding contributions, has finally gained recognition.Tony is also ready to fulfill his “wish” by giving him a brand new spider suit and introducing the new Avengers hero, Spider-man to the public.But Peter, out of character, refused.

Overall, the”new” Spider-Man is still satisfying,although there are not many surprises, but the most important places have done a commendable.

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