The Flash: the fastest man alive

The Flash is a hit TV show in 2014.It is an American superhero TV series jointly developed by Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg and Geoff Johns.It is adapted from DC comic character Barry Allen/Flash, who is a superhero with superhuman speed mobility. It is a derivative of Arrow, which exists in the same fictional universe. It tells the story of Barry Allen(portrayed by Grant Gustin) , a crime scene investigator who has superhuman speed to fight criminals .In fact, everyone has a “Flash” in their minds, and they all have a heart of justice.Barry, the hero, is a left-behind child who has been haunted by his mother’s death since childhood.And his father was mistaken for the murderer.And his father’s best friend, police detective Joe West adopted him.

When he grew up, as a crime scene investigator, Barry Allen is very serious about his work and is motivated.Since then, Barry has made up his mind to find out the truth about his mother’s death, and then the whole family will live together well. Maybe this is a distant dream.During his work, Allen was fascinated by the particle accelerator developed by scientist Harrison Wells and his S.T.A.R. laboratory.This scientific miracle will bring leaps and bounds to physics research.However, the particle accelerator exploded and caused a storm during it’s first appeared. Many people lost their lives, and Barry Allen was hit by lightning.

After nine months of coma, Barry Allen discovers he can move at superhuman speeds ,he decided to use his gifts to protect the Central City.But he immediately discovered that he was not the only “Superhuman”.Since the accident, the number of missing accidents and unexplained deaths in the Central City has increased dramatically.So Barry Allen has a new goal in addition to investigating his mother’s death, which is to use his power to ensure the safety of the citizens.At the same time, the yellow figure that appeared in the scene of the murder of Barry’s mother reappeared. He claimed to be Reverse Flash and constantly destroyed the life of Barry.

In the first season, the actors showed great prowess at acting, except for the star Barry, the most prominent one is Dr. Wells.He is the person with the most advanced technology in the city, and he is also the guide of Barry’s road to save the world. Wells and Barry are inextricably linked.

It has been said that Dr. Wells is the biggest boss, and Barry is just a mere cat’s paw in his hands.As the main character with super power in DC comics, Flash is naturally much more powerful than the superheroes such as Arrow, Batman and so on.

Of course, most people know that the Flash has appeared in the movie Arrow.Barry is the fastest man in The Flash, and the plot setting is very interesting.Barry actually exceeded the speed of time, which explains the reality of the Reverse Flash and his return to the past.In fact, there is one more point that must be emphasized. The storyline of The Flash is really great. You will never guess what will happen in the next second.You never thought Barry’s future enemy and the real Barry would go back to childhood.

Although The Flash is derived from Arrow, the styles of the two TV series are completely different.If you like the characters in the play, you can buy the flash cosplay costumes to express each character.

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