The Heirtageof Chronograph-TAG Heuer Carrera Heritage WAS2114.BA0732

Speaking of Tag heuer, what we have to mention is the Carrera series as a majority people are familiar with it. since it rolled out its first chronograph in 1963, it has gone through rough 50 years, and the most typical one is the 1887 chronometer. Since its debut, Carrera has been updating its category and rolled out new watches. All of them are the results of chronograph and it is far more tedious than we could imagine. This series has the fundamental type, GMT, jewelry type and other types. What we brings to you is the Carrera Heritage Calibre WAS2114.BA0732, a typical one. Although it has other siblings, but Carrera Heritage Calibre WAS2114.BA0732 has a comparatively agreeable price.

Carrera Heritage means the inheriting the brand culture and tradition as well as the characters. It has bold likes but keeps a lo-profile on its appearance. Heritage is prone to be a business type and this one, the Carrera Heritage Calibre WAS2114.BA0732 is more of a business type. After polishing, the stainless steel touches very smoothly and reflects like a mirror. The case is delicate, too, as the lugs are cut from multiple side. The 39mm case gives most of its space to the dial. The black dial has Flinque pattern on it, so the setting of those dial radiates a gentlemen style. But the pity is that no luminous materials is applied to the watch so you may have little trouble reading time in a dark situation.

A Swiss Watches Website Heuer Carrera Heritage is a big branch of the Carrera series which make up the gap of Carrera in business style and provide more options for mass with its simple style and low-profile appearance. Carrera Heritage Calibre WAS2114.BA0732 is new one and similar to the peers, but minor changes on the color, material and size make them different and better.

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