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The start of winter has already passed, with many places to usher in the first snow, the annual ski season as scheduled. Between the mountains, frozen snow, but can not stop skiing enthusiasts release blood, snow gallop, challenge the speed limit. As the official partner and timing of the International Ski Federation (FIS), Longines Watch selected Forerunner series watches continue the inherent pioneer spirit, integrate precision performance, elegant appearance and sports style, accompany skiing enthusiasts to start their exploration journey, endless.

Pick up your skis and rush to an ice and snow adventure. Classic double skis can adapt to multiple teriors. Light snowboards show fashion and vitality. Longines new forerunner series titanium watch, using grade 5 titanium, more lightweight wear resistance, to deal with outdoor skiing friction and collision; The case is matte and paired with a coal-gray sandblasted dial, emitting a low-key and elegant sports style. Titanium bracelet provides a comfortable wearing experience.

Behind every turn, every leap, there is courage, determination to push the envelope, days and days of training and the perseverance to fall and fight again. Forerunner series titanium watch, titanium in the watch innovation, while the movement built-in silicon spring, resist the impact of pressure, temperature and other changes, to ensure stable, accurate travel time, with exquisite technology and excellent performance, accompany skiers every time to challenge the limit; With NATO nylon watchband, with excellent stability to meet every jump; Gold Arabic numerals are coated with a glow-in-the-dark coating, making it easy to read even when night is slippery.

High speed dive, turning edge, snow race every minute. Longines Watch Forerunner series chronograph watch, blue sun dial with blue leather strap, the bright color between the wrist and the white snow form a sharp contrast, easy to read, more vibrant style; Watch with guide wheel timing movement, at 3, 6 position respectively set the timing plate, press the timing button, accurate record every challenge.

The snow resort pays attention to the technology, the blood racing, the ice and snow players should always be graceful online, become the first “type” of the ski resort. Forerunner series of green watch, green sandblasting dial and light brown luminous coating subtle fusion, shining metal luster, fusion of sports style and fashion retro flavor, 40 mm fine steel case size is moderate, the movement of vitality. Equipped with exclusive automatic chain movement (L888.4), with precision performance and superior quality, to accompany skiers to release blood, start the journey of ice and snow.

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